It takes two feet and a mind to wander…

On some days, that is.

You know how you can step out with nothing much, other than a vague promise of I’ll buy you lunch? And, not wanting to head to any of the usual joints, how you do tend to step off in the opposite direction?

Yet, today is different. It begins with a friend unknowingly peppering it with an intriguing story that involved a boutique, a quaint chat with the lady who owns it, a thailam (medicated oil), her healing knee and an odd book that she had wanted, waiting for her at Blossom’s, jutting out of the shelf.

Random occurrences that don’t feel so random make my recesses smile. Yet you preoccupy yourself with thoughts of how we’ve skipped breakfast. And maybe you shouldn’t be walking so much? Yet you continue. Not Mantri, I am thinking to myself, not the same old overpriced fare. Yet you take the turn. It’s the road I usually am on when I’m driving back from Mantri. You keep walking. I see familiar shops. And then at one point you turn a right and find yourself on ‘Sampige road’. Lost. Directions have never made any sense to me. Maybe someday we’ll run into a direction shaman! Until then…

So, you just walk on. ‘Holige Mane’? Weren’t we treated a few weeks back to some delectable holiges, exactly from this outlet? I walk a few feet more to see if Halli mane is close by as it is supposed to be. It was. People seem to be staring. It’s afternoon. Everybody is going about their business. Even the local loafer has his routines. Nobody looks out of place, except the ones who sometimes lose their way. Quite happily. 25 Rs for a juice, 20 Rs for an Akki roti and 15 Rs for a delicious dal holige, yet another road and a nice long walk.

6th January, 2015

around kumara park and malleshwaram


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