The whole and sole

I see
a few floating seconds
of no yin and yang
a Picasso,
Till a whole month or so I gaze
Through Michelangelo’s
And from nowhere arrives
Every now and then
a chuckle
right out of the galaxy
While the dodo forgot to fly.

I see a quiet wonder
A Carl Sagan
Laughed away into anonymity
by a drunken Zen master
Only to surrender through a suicidal poet
Dying and living, back again
Through a madman
Decoding dreams from a random website
While it rains cats. And fish.

I see with a child’s eyes
A friend’s. A love’s.
And mine…
And maybe a bag of plastic’s too
And that could be when
the confusion begins
or the beauty!



  1. Sarita · July 29, 2014

    I see a few floating seconds

    No life no death

    A suspension

    For a year now I stare

    Thru life’s eyes

    And from nowhere

    A smile

    Right out of the universe

    As the pigs learn to fly

    I see the silent wit

    A Kurt Vonnegut

    Laughed away into anonymity

    By a drunken me

    Only to surrender to

    A TV soap on a crazy doctor

    Reality and fantasy,back again

    Through Facebook

    Decoding dreams from random threads

    While it pours outside and within.

    I see with an old woman’s eyes

    A mother’s, a lost man’s

    And mine…..

    And a child’s too..

    And that could be when

    The confusion begins

    Or the clarity!

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