not done with freedom yet

freedom is a faded t-shirt and a rugged bike
a pair of sunglasses and a bit of sunscreen too
I imagine

freedom is the open road
and the four walls
I know

freedom is in the unlearning
and the learning

freedom is everything you never found out
and everything you ever did

freedom is the breaking down
and the building up

freedom is the letting go
and the holding on

freedom is the salty sea air
and the humid attack

freedom is the ban of words
and the making of new ones

freedom is not needing to end this
or the need to do so

So long.



  1. Phadke · November 25, 2013

    Freedom is breathing…
    Freedom is listening my heart beat as I finish my jog
    Freedom is a cup of tea when everyone is still asleep
    Freedom is riding my bike and feeling the wind on my face
    Freedom is singing out loud to an old song on the radio
    Freedom is moving…without a plan or a map or a destination
    Freedom is being me….
    Being the one,who at this time ,I just can’t find…
    Still searching…….freedom!

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