Conversations fade into a heap of clicks
instead is a mute world
In anger
a barrage of listless words
bursting full
in a virtual space

Wake up
to stare into the pixel sky.

swimming in the noisy stories
the elemental eyes blink away
this human syndrome
A fever,
running through the anonymous highways
no gasp of breath escapes
So little
for the sweet plunge
of a brief euphoria.

Sometimes you must go walking bare feet.

In concurrence
with their words,
commanding through the pages
with their thoughts
the strange duties of ghosts
of people long gone by
the trapped souls
the brilliant minds
the conceited lives

Sometimes wisdom comes from them too.

Take me, through the labels and the
find me a path into the wild

Once again.

And in the Amazon.
a Jaguar breathes heavy
and a lone human waits frozen
she seeking nothing
casually leaves him alone.

Sometimes the adventure is just in surviving

This bleeding, these words, need to vent
somersault in their brief moments
and disappear

Sometimes you just need to feel free.

yet how insanely special,
are those moments,

when our eyes find each other.


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