Hide and Seek


I loved ku phu the best. And every other name you called me by too. By the way, I was mostly messing with Ajay, just to piss him off. How can I not love him? But yes I loved you more.

Kufoos Kutties, I feel we put you through hell the last few days, adamant in our belief that we are doing the right thing, shutting you indoors…. I wish we had known better about wounds and such. How unfair it seems to have learned so much through your suffering!

Can we talk about the times we played hide and seek?

I knew you loved it! Especially the “where is kung fu”? part! The carpet! Sigh. Did we play enough with you?

Ajay is really good at making playthings out of nothing. The red stick and the pink string, the paper balls and the day he came back with those toys for me! And the times he spun me around till I was giddy, crazy character that he is! We had a good time, didn’t we?

I lost it the day he came home with the toys! I thought we were spoiling you and making you more horribly human, staying indoors and playing with toys! The free, crazy cat that I wanted you to be.

The little tigress of Langford road!! You get really cheesy at times!

Peace. Peace. Chicken Piece.

Question Mark!

And the zillion ‘NOs’!

You begged for all of it ku poo! Those mornings when I stepped out for my walk and runs! So much drama the two of us would be playing out and every time the same; like scenes straight out of the Groundhog Day, there on the road! Crashing into my legs, running between my feet and that final standing up and giving me a mock bite! And me carrying you back to the pillar of our gate and telling you ‘NO’. But what the heck, there you would come running to follow me again!
And then Ku phu kanna; you learnt to wait for me on our neighbours hedge….

I don’t understand how A can stare at the TV for so long. I tried it with him a few times, whenever you were late.


And that white ocean fish was horribluh!

You made that very clear! Then you would freak me out with your many prize hunts, yuck…baby rats, lizards and even a baby bird!! Who catches a bird! I’ve never seen you climb a tree!

The little tigress of Langford road. *smile*



  1. Akash · June 28, 2013

    nice Sha!

  2. Nisha · June 28, 2013

    Touching …..

  3. jayashree · June 29, 2013

    A salute to khun pho

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