Something like this couldn’t have been possibly contained! Pages that are full of humor, a resolutely rebellious streak and an honesty that will reach within your heart and tug at it.
You can’t help but laugh along through one poignant-yet-funny scene after the other; it begins with little Marji’s life as she understands it, even as the backdrop is a country hurtling into war and religious fundamentalism.
Remember what it was like growing up? The many crazy convictions you stood for so staunchly? The rebellion?
Here is one story that is filled with imagery as vivid from the one that you lived and loved and sometimes even hated. Yeah…it gets a little desolate in the second half ‘The story of a return’ as Marjane grapples with her sense of identity and the hopelessness of a country that is determined to shut as many doors as possible.

A few excerpts, just the text of course. Wait till you see the graphics! 🙂

At the age of six I was already sure I was the last prophet. This was a few years before the revolution.
O Celestial light!
Before me there had been a few others
I am the last prophet.
A woman?

So my father was not a hero
Is everything alright, Marji?
Yeah, sure…
If only he had been in prison.
They cut my dad’s leg off, but he still didn’t confess!…So they cut off an arm as well.
Too much!
Luckily one day they told me about my uncle Anoosh.
The only one of my father’s brothers I had never met. Because he had been in prison. And now, for the time in 30 years, my grandma was reunited with her six children.
And I had a hero in my family…Naturally I loved him immediately.

Meanwhile I got to go to my first party.Not only did my mom let me go, she also knitted me a sweater full of holes and made me a necklace with chains and nails. Punk rock was in.
I was looking sharp.


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