The simpler dimension…

The ‘Go of the green’. One day, at the traffic signal, I stare at this ‘go of the green’ as never before. It is as if I am shedding away some imbibed realities and a narrow dimension opens up and there it is for the first time and some strange thoughts are stealing in.

The world stands simplified.

Language should have stopped with these universal signs. This is all we should have been left to say to one another. Don’t hit that tree. There is a waterfall in that direction. That is the end of the world for you. You hug when you love and glare when you are angry!

Ah! how strangely peaceful. How beautiful!
All talk is a waste of time, it is either an effort to impress or justify, yourself or others. All language is meant to encourage miscommunication.

I didn’t get to books. I love them too much!

Of course it is understood that we do not pursue logic for everything will collapse then. I like that other dimension. I like Terry Pratchet too.


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