It’s my memory…not just a pretty picture!

Sitting in a swivel chair, all it takes is a few lazy clicks to land you anywhere on the wide, wide, wide Net.
One day, while lazily browsing I happen upon an ad for villas in Pondicherry. I get idly curious. I follow the advert to find a neat website proclaiming the usual real-estate claims. Anyway, what catches my attention is the wide panorama frame at the top switching amongst pictures and one of them is that of the Gandhi statue in Pondicherry with the bay of Bengal behind it and the many pillars that surround it. The property I quickly glance down to check is somewhere on the East Coast road.

I stare at the picture long, my heart going places; but soon a vacant vacuum takes over and a single question looms. What is it doing here? A bitter thought follows the emptiness – The Net is indeed an empty place. A wide wide screen made up of little bits of information put together and stored in some wired bits of hardware ironically serving as a memory.

The Gandhi statue in Pondicherry is indeed a famous landmark and yes it stands right in the middle of Goubert Avenue, the beach front boulevard. But until you have stood next to it on the raised steps and felt the breeze from the graceful sea lying below… until you have gazed at Gandhi and smiled at some secret story that you know about the statue… until you have touched the old stone pillars starkly in some meditative mood after an early morning walk by the beach…until you have sat beside it and listened to the sea…until you have cycled past it innumerable times each time aware of its grandeur beneath that stark simplicity…until then…

what would it mean to anyone?


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