Of the Kambha and Of Carbon-Nitrogen ratios. Also called composting…

Every now and then an idea appeals and comes to stay in our minds… often inspiring us. I usually find myself letting it spin a lot of promising moments in my head before acting upon it.

It has been a few months since I’ve been hoping to try these apparently easy steps to composting at home (www.dailydump.org).

Well, the small Kambha finally comes home and with it comes the promise of getting started on a whole new art. Yes, behind the physics and the chemistry of it all is pure art because you and I are not going to be following some precise scientific calculations when trying to create the ideal carbon-nitrogen ratio; we are to some extent going to have to get a feel of it!

The small Kambha in the balcony

The small Kambha in the balcony

It is not even a week since I started preparing the pile. As you can see it is far too early to claim any kind of story let alone a success story! But, it looks promising; I may have to wait for some 60 to 90 days before I get to see my first compost. Do you know how it is going to smell? Like fresh earth… 🙂

It also happens to be a lovely season for getting started. February in Bangalore is the month of falling leaves. They are all over and I have begun collecting my primary source of carbon, these dried leaves… Have them in a gunnysack. Could imagine up ten sacks full at least but then wouldn’t want to clutter up the space! Dried leaves are just one of the things you can use as your carbon source, for alternatives and other details check the sites mentioned in this note.

One can begin with segregating waste: the vegetable and fruit and left over waste as one “kitchen waste” and plastic and paper and tetra paks and the works going into a large bag and getting put out for collection only once in while.  This is how I began, a few months back… remember I was still toying with the idea.  It did feel  like one step closer to handling garbage consciously.

I secretly hope that the maggots about which I was briefed about very matter-of-factly somehow don’t materialize!!  But then it’s got to be one step at a time of discovering and learning. There is a lot of material on the Net and here is one site, recommended by Daily Dump…found it pretty useful – http://www.composterconnection.com



  1. Nomad · February 20, 2012

    hey… I have a compost pot here too… its amazing how it works and the amount of compost that comes out of it…. I’ve never touched the worms though… thats for A and the gardener to do 🙂

  2. shahina · February 20, 2012

    Hey…..that’s great! …. same method is it?? … let me see how this goes…. 🙂 yeah the fear of the worms …ugh! …will have to wait and see… !!

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