An Afternoon gathering

Sitting around a round table, the three of us –
Five concrete floors above!
The ground,
Still beneath our feet…
Bamboo blinds and gunny bag roofs
Blockin the afternoon sun…
Faintly lit
Not for guiding any footstep
Clusters of hanging lanterns…

Talking about cars and bikes
Speed and power and money…
In the background
Soft, melodius, old, Hindi tunes
Wafting aromas of freshly made rotis…

Outside, at a distance
The spreading top of a beautiful tree
Shining ‘orange and green’ of early spring…
Resting on a branch, facing us
A grand Kite…
Catching sunlight in all its glory
Shielded only by leaves and branches
Sitting comfortably
The wind all around it
The ground far below and the sky further above

-Shahina (This poem is from March 2008…just happened upon it)


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