These feet were meant for walking…

Sometimes the mind paints pictures that are grand enough to completely transform a moment. One for me is breezing out with springing steps and setting out, free. The sheer joy of hitting the road, walking!

Many a time have I wondered at people, with their hair looking like it had just been combed and clothes looking like its just been … and have often wished to arrive at some gathering like that, with nothing gone awry!

Yet the moment I step out of that gate, nothing else exists! If I have the time and if it’s only a few kilometers, why not walk? The wind is welcome to play around with my hair; the feet can race, jump over puddles and dodge broken footpaths. The traffic sounds will stay distant and a little muted. The people around, going about their business will slow down a bit and take a step into the background. I’ll catch a good pace and take the wind along. We shall be friends catching up, yet again. It’ll be yet another magical walk.

These feet were meant for walking!


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