Two mugs of Chamomile green tea…

A simple, large, light, bone china, white mug sits on my desk right now. The letters ‘Birla Institute of technology, Ranchi’ and its logo cover the entire side that faces me. The print was once golden but now is muted and in some places faded. The thread from the green tea bag hangs out from the side and seems as rested as I feel now. I just had a most relaxing mug of green tea and the headache that has been troubling me for a while seems to have vanished. I am so relaxed that I cannot bring myself to add an exclamation mark next to ‘vanished’. It is as if that act would threaten to change my mood and require a jump into an excited state that I don’t wish to do.

This humble mug, a complement that Nisha brought back after one of her campus visits during her stunt at Wipro has come to epitomize the ultimate drinking experience for me. When I think comforting-warm-drink-in-my-hands I picture this mug. Every mug of coffee, tea or green tea that I have had in this mug has been amazing, to say the least.

I don’t use this every time; there are other ones but they are all just mugs you know, each easily replaced by the other. None of them can make me shut my eyes and enjoy a drink as this one can. This provides my ‘Milk for the cat’ moment.

And, I can’t begin to understand why? Does it matter? As the song goes…”If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad…”
And of course where I am right now “… Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky, with one hand waving free…” …


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