We met

Another instant
In the journey thru’ time
New events, new gatherings…
Strangers waiting;
Strangers walking in

Between exchanged greetings
And glances
A forgotten thought awakens
Gathers strength, leads us along
A hidden longing slips out
Speaking volumes to the listenin’ other

Somewhere else…
A hearty soul spots
Ten other kindred souls to gather

We step
To talk more
In tune
To know and share some more
You feel the same?

Some walk a long way together

These merging of souls – Go on
There is no walking alone
In this myriad of moments

With billions of years
Of Being
So much of you is in me
So much of me is in you.



  1. Akash · April 21, 2010

    Beautiful poem .. words perfectly placed to do a slasa in your mind as you go through it. I have to tell you this that I am really glad and fortunate that I met a person like you in life. You have been my inspiration and probably one amongst the last threads which hold me back from finishing my trust in GOOD, be like this because to keep faith in good is very important. Write more and more and keep sharing 🙂

  2. Shahina · April 22, 2010

    Akki…Thanks and I need to use the same words!! :)I think I have got to where I am today largely because of you…immensely fortunate and happy to have met you too! 🙂

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