Chaos and a Chocolate Cake

This must be the devil; for you see, in pre-sleep journeys to another time in medieval Europe I have Adso, young novice that he is, worrying about the devil and sin and seeing goodness and God amidst choirs that stretch from dawn and culminate at daybreak. William of Baskerville, a learned, levelheaded, Franciscan Friar accompanied by Adso, a Benedictine Monk have made a long journey by horseback to this majestic abbey protecting a strictly guarded labyrinth of a library.

Some murders have been committed in the Abbey and William has been sent to investigate. William has among other things a rudimentary reading lens. It is the dark ages for the vast majority; most scientific studies are happening outside the western world. Mirrors are ghosts, lenses are black magic and most of reasonable thought is heresy. I am somewhere close to completing 200 pages of “The Name of the Rose”, a late medieval murder mystery among other things.

The Copenhagen summit is on and it has been a few weeks since I’ve been trying to follow the drama through a BBC blog. Meanwhile, extremely bleak futures are being painted, written out and debated upon for Earth. This morning’s newspaper gives a rather alarming count of limousines that are cruising the roads with the world leaders who are attending this summit. Couldn’t they have arrived on foot, a little like William if they were serious about this summit?

It also has been an unusual (for me) ‘focused-on-work’ couple of weeks. A hundred other things too are happening and they vaguely register as ‘Headlines’ or ‘Breaking News’ or ‘thoughts’ while speeding through the day. The mystery that is closest and most current to my self is the chocolate craving that began from around a week back. It started with a need to have Barista’s chocolate excess. Later I remembered the yummy walnut-chocolate cake Shilpa had brought from home same time last year.

A little worried I succumbed to a Google search and saw the number of theories professed on why one could be having chocolate craving. It is just as difficult to dismiss fake Gods as it is to get rid of Devils. But dismiss the fake ones I did and followed the Devil…eh the craving and looked for recipes on chocolate cakes. Also, strangely a desire to bake one too had risen.

At least a week or two have gone past. I have completed the book. I stopped following the summit. I haven’t read the papers recently or watched any news. The book took all the attention and in the meantime I came to work too. Before that I walked to Nilgiri’s on Brigade road to buy the ingredients for the cake including 500gms of dark chocolate. Mom happened to be with me for the weekend and together we baked a cake, following a recipe for ‘Death by chocolate’. It turned out awesome and I ended up sharing it with a few people; in other words, I didn’t greedily devour it as all that talk about craving would make it seem.

William concludes rather sadly that the universe is chaos; it is our desperate need for order that makes us ‘create’ order – Signs can be deceptive too and one can be led falsely in one’s attempt to thread them. The world “leaders” should pack up and go home too and not try and come up with any more useless agreements in the assumption that they understand the “chaos” added by man to the chaos of this universe.

And, yet, somewhere a chocolate cake got baked and some people enjoyed it and somebody relished the whole experience.


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