Lost ! – An SMS’s tale

Speeding through networks
clearing through gateways
Switchin thru’ switching networks
Makin’ silver streaks in space
racin’ against distance
the little invisible messengers…

This is what normally happens but sometimes some of them take awhile to reach their destination. Could they be getting lost? …

who am I?
W. h. e. r. e. am I?

From deep within the tunnel announces a grand voice – ‘Welcome to the ephemeral world of lost messages. You are one of the most recently lost ones.

I am able to think; ‘think’?
A deep tunnel?
Deep. Tunnel.
How did I ‘know’?
I am a lost message!!
A voice…
‘A voice’ ! ..is talkin’ ‘talkin’?
to ‘me’ – a lost message!!

You must be having a lot of surprised thoughts now, little message, and it must be confusing you, the voice continued. Since you were born from a thought, you exist. But usually us messages get transmitted too soon for us to realise that we as a thought exist too. But once we hang around here for more than we should and the people associated with the message that is ‘us’ is still thinking of us, we gain our identity.

I am here but meant to be elsewhere
How do I get to that place there

If it were so simple I wouldn’t be dragging myself around here said an old and heavy voice laden with sighs. I have not found my way to my place ‘there’ yet and it has been a long, long year- it stated very emotionally.

oh! you make me feel sad too.
Cheer up!
A New year message aren’t you?
Imagine how excited you would make the one who recieves you.
What a surprise you would be!

The old one gave two sighs less from his usual number and began to feel lighter and gave the new arrival a curious but welcome look.

oh! Who is that?
That, the old one said is who we think is a poet. He doesn’t speak much. If he hears any accidental rhymes during any of our occasional conversations he wakes up. Otherwise he is mostly tuned out.

Faster than fairies, Faster than witches
Arise, Awake ! We need to find our way
We need to find our way! Arise Awake!
Faster than fairies, faster than witches

The poet stirred a little and smiled at the new arrival. Thats not poetry put there in the middle but thank you, that was sweet.

The grand voice spoke – I think you’ve cracked it new one. I sense a change here, we are all getting much lighter and less burdened and we are becoming eager messages once more. I see us all getting out of here very soon.

We’ll each go our own ways
Never to remember this
But somewhere somethin has
Yes, somethin has changed!


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