Where have the romantics gone?

Yesterday evening after spending some time around Brigade and MG road I came away with an uneasy feeling of ‘is this how dark and closed this city this?’
You just can’t miss it – the desperate people, the lecherous looks, gawking guys in groups who look like they have just landed from the dismal heartlands of our many closed so-called-cultures, girls dressed boldly tagging along with their guys and the guys swaggering with the girls dressed boldly tagging along.

Where has individuality gone? Where has taste gone?
The streets spoke of a certain moral and artistic decadence.

Just one beautiful image from that evening – in the dimly lit Lavelle road, framed for a few moments in the yellowish glow of the streetlight a lone woman walking past us, the only other pedestrians, briskly and confidently, her hair dancing free.

Is that a delusion? Are the questions even relevant? Is it just a dream world we have created while growing up reading romantic poetry and stories from a different culture?

Our culture, sadly, does not treat women as equal partners of the society, respect and freedom come packaged with norms. For many men here walking the same streets we walk on lugging around our dream worlds, women just being out doing normal things is a come-on.

We may have broken free in our minds, in our dressing, in our mannerisms and we may have found other people who have similar attitudes but it is still a delusion if we think we are free in this country. There will be times when you feel weak and tired and wary as I felt the other evening; times when you cannot exude the strength of your dreams and beliefs because of the overpowering reality in front of you.

The romanticism some of us identify with never ever walked the streets of this country anyway.



  1. Kartik Kumar · October 30, 2009

    I hope you didn't see me leching there! 😛 Let me know in advance when you go there the next time and I'll make myself scarce.

  2. Shahina · October 31, 2009

    How kind!! Most likely somebody else is going to beat you up and make you scarce 😛

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